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Speyer Diocese representatives and Cyangugu diocesan messengers pay a visit to Mibilizi hospital in order to discuss the progress of constructing maternity ward that will be sponsored by Speyer diocese and Rheinland-Palatinate which are closest friends of Cyangugu diocese.  In colloboration with Speyer diocese, Cyangugu diocese started a project of constructing a maternity ward in […]
In Nyamasheke district, Bushekeri sector, Ngoma cell, in the villages, of Buhembe and Kagarama there were an immense mudslide that has been caused by a heavy rain that rained in the night of 10th May 2021. Approximately surface area of 12Ha inhabited has been impacted by this mudslide. The effects of this mudslide is like […]
This 14th April 2021 Diocesan caritas of Cyangugu in collaboration with Caritas Rwanda and Caritas international, donate 10 Step and wash apparatuses (Kandagira ukarabe) and 180 liters of milk (Inyange) to the children who are in ECDs (Early Childhood Development services) program in Nkanka sector, Rusizi district. Those step and wash apparatuses will be distributed […]
As today Rwandans were concluding the weeklong official mourning period during which they commemorated for the 27th time, the over one million victims of the 1994 Genocide Against Tusti, Diocesan Caritas of Cyangugu visited 48 family of Genocide survivors of Nyakarenzo sector in Mibilizi parish. They brought them simple aid so that they can feel […]
Today Cyangugu 11 March 2021 diocesan messengers pay a visit to Mibilizi hospital in order to discuss the progress of constructing maternity ward that will be sponsored by Speyer Diocese. In corroboration with Speyer Diocese, Cyangugu Diocese want to start a project of constructing a maternity ward in Mibilizi hospital, that is why some of […]
The youth saving and credits groups of Nyabitimbo are them who were visited by Caritas messengers this Thursday 11th Feb 2020, they went there to see their progress and deliver the materials that will help them in their daily activities. The materials include: bank books, calculators, boxes and other basic materials were given to each […]
Caritas Cyangugu in partnership with Italian association “Sara Un Angelo” have delivered school materials to the children of families who have been left behind by the history (Batwa community) this 10 February 2021 in order to help them in their studies. Recently the children from these families were not able to attend schools because of […]
This 6th February 2020 his Holiness Pope Francis has apponted father Sinayobye bishop of Cyangugu diocese in announcement aired on official Vatican broadcasting radio. Sinayobye, who has been a Rector in Nyumba seminary replaces fallen Bishop Bimenyimana Jean Damascène who passed away in 2018 and he has served in this position for 21 years. Sinayobye […]
The poor from selected parishes in Cyangugu Diocese which are: Mugomba, Hanika, Yove, Nyakabuye, Mushaka, Mashyuza, Cyangugu, Muyange and Tyazo were them who have been given food by Cyangugu Caritas in collaboration with Speyer Diocese(Germany) in other to wish them merry Christmas and a Happy new year. Food comprises of ten kilos of rice, ten […]
This project was launched on September 17th 2020 in Mibilizi parish, where some of Caritas leaders visited Mibilizi parish Christians in an intense of enhancing and execute the sample of project of enhance agriculture products and do it professionally.  This activity which was narrow-scoped on planting corns took place in Mibilizi parish’s farm that has […]