Day: 30 April 2021

This 14th April 2021 Diocesan caritas of Cyangugu in collaboration with Caritas Rwanda and Caritas international, donate 10 Step and wash apparatuses (Kandagira ukarabe) and 180 liters of milk (Inyange) to the children who are in ECDs (Early Childhood Development services) program in Nkanka sector, Rusizi district. Those step and wash apparatuses will be distributed […]
As today Rwandans were concluding the weeklong official mourning period during which they commemorated for the 27th time, the over one million victims of the 1994 Genocide Against Tusti, Diocesan Caritas of Cyangugu visited 48 family of Genocide survivors of Nyakarenzo sector in Mibilizi parish. They brought them simple aid so that they can feel […]