Who we are

Caritas CYANGUGU was established as a Diocese in 1981 when CYANGUGU was erected as a Diocese. It is an INSTRUMENT of the Social Ministry of the Church.As such, it covers the area of the Diocese which also corresponds to the administrative boundaries of Rusizi and Nyamasheke districts. These districts are inhabited by a total population of 760,202 inhabitants, of whom 45.5% are Catholic Christians.

Organizational structure

At the head of our diocese is the Bishop who presides over the General Assembly held once a year in ordinary session. Nevertheless, as a commission, this is how Caritas Cyangugu is structured.


As a multi-service diocesan commission, CARITAS CYANGUGU is headed by a Diocesan Director who administers and is accountable to the Bishop and partners. This department ensures the organization and follow-up of the various services in the pursuit of the objectives set, also providing training and information for the staff.