Children in ECDs program of Nkanka sector were given hygiene apparatuses by Diocesan caritas of Cyangugu

This 14th April 2021 Diocesan caritas of Cyangugu in collaboration with Caritas Rwanda and Caritas international, donate 10 Step and wash apparatuses (Kandagira ukarabe) and 180 liters of milk (Inyange) to the children who are in ECDs (Early Childhood Development services) program in Nkanka sector, Rusizi district.

Those step and wash apparatuses will be distributed to every house of care-parent in order to maintain hygiene of children they took care of. They were also given flesh milk that they will give to those vulnerable children to help them fighting the effects of poor nutrition.

Care-parents of Nkanka sector’s ECDs were asked to take care of these materials including Step and wash apparatus in order to preserve its longevity. They were also encouraged by Caritas messengers to increase the effort they are using in taking care of these children.

Nkanka sector has sum of six hundred fifty-six children in ECDs facilities including 312 boys and 344 girls. 

Fabrice Kazuba


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