Diocesan messengers pay a visit to St Joseph Mibilizi Hospital

Today Cyangugu 11 March 2021 diocesan messengers pay a visit to Mibilizi hospital in order to discuss the progress of constructing maternity ward that will be sponsored by Speyer Diocese.

In corroboration with Speyer Diocese, Cyangugu Diocese want to start a project of constructing a maternity ward in Mibilizi hospital, that is why some of Cyangugu Diocese staff members visited Mibilizi hospital to see how this project can be initiated.

In meeting with Mibilizi hospital authorities, Diocesan messengers discussed with them about the works of constructing that maternity and what can be done so that construction works can begin as soon as possible.

Diocese messengers and hospital authorities visited the site where maternity will be built, hospital authorities show them the advancement in preparing the site. Firstly, they removed some services that were currently operating in that area then the next phase will be demolishing the old building which is still in the construction site.

After having a long conversation diocesan messengers and Mibilizi hospital authorities decided to speed up the works of constructing maternity that will be built in corroboration with Speyer Diocese.

This maternity will be built through the aid of benefactors from Speyer Diocese  and Rheinland government  in Germany who are the closest friends of Cyangugu Diocese.    

Fabrice Kazuba     


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