Sara Un Angela through Caritas Cyangugu have delivered school materials to the children in Nkungu sector

Caritas Cyangugu in partnership with Italian association “Sara Un Angelo” have delivered school materials to the children of families who have been left behind by the history (Batwa community) this 10 February 2021 in order to help them in their studies.

Recently the children from these families were not able to attend schools because of ignorance and poverty of their parents, who used to live in forest for hunting while their wives were only pots makers. After recognizing this miserable life of this community, many benefactors start to join hands in order to see what and how they can help them modernizing and improve their life standard. It is in that case Caritas Cyangugu in alliance with Sara Un Angela association started a journey of helping them especially in their children’s education, they annually buy school materials for children who agreed to join schools.

In order to improve the life standard of this community , Sara Un Angela association in partnership with Caritas Cyangugu plans to give each family a pig that will help them to get soil fertilizers and money in time it can farrow they can sell piglets and use them to raise up the development of their families and self-reliance. The acts of improving these people mentalities is what needed most because they were left behind for long time, that’s why Caritas of Cyangugu and its partners focuses on small development project they can do and education of their children.

Though they are help that Caritas Cyangugu has gave to this community, they are still having some problems, among them we can highlight the problem of long distance that their kids walk to reach at school. It is a long journey of 3km that kids of primary school aged 7-14 cover to reach in their schools and they have to pass through the park (Cyamudongo park) which is Cyamudongo forest where there is a risk of being attacked by wild animals that are in that park.

In addition, when it rains it is a big problem to them because sometimes they miss some sessions and their school materials got damaged by rain. The other major problem is their houses that that looks very old and weak, you can get fear that they will once fall on them because of how they look. The hygiene problem is also noticeable in their community.

Caritas Cyangugu in partnership with Sara Un Angela give school materials includes: Shoes, school bags, notebooks, pens, calligraphies, pencils, mathematical sets… to 48 students in this community and it happens annually. After receiving these materials, they thanked Sara Un Angela and Caritas for the aid and habitually caring. They asked them to keep advocate for them for their still existence problems.  

  By Fabrice Kazuba


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